fashion designer help needed! FAST?

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Katelyn :

ok so im doing a report for school and im doing it on a fashion designer and i need to interview a fashion designer!!!!!! its a requirement and i HAVE to have it to pass!! so if ur a fashion designer or have gone to fashion designing school plz continue reading and answer the following plz!!!!


What do you know about te history of this career?

What qualifications and education does your job require?

What is involved in the hiring process?

WHat are your duties and your responsibilities?

Why did you choose this career?

What oppurtunities and benefits are available to you?

What is the potential to impact lives in a positive way?

How does this career benefit others?

WHat is the most interesting thing about being a fashion designer?

Do you have any other comments?

Thanks soo much!
omg thank u so much zoe p!!!!!!!!!!

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go to youtube and watch threadbangers they have a bunch of episodes and they interview alot of noncorporate fashion designers.

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