Help to become a Fashion Designer?

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Lisa..x :

I would very want to be a fasion Designer for my career. I would like some help to find out about this since as I don’t know really how to become one..

I am taking my GCSE’s next year (choosing four) and we’re choosing them pretty much now. I am thinking of taking GCSE Art, Design and Technology – Textiles, Socilology and Geography. The Art and the textiles are good for my career I want, I think. And I’m in top set for maths (I have a very high level somehow, lol). And our school (tutor) will get angry at us if we don’t take atleast one subject what people are really looking for mostly in jobs like… History, Geography, Languages..

So my strongest out of them is Geography, so i’m taking that :) And in most peoples opinions they think I am very good at art and designing. I think it’s my strongest subject and my art teacher thinks i have potential :) .

Anyway enough of me blabbering on XD. When i finish my education like maybe university… What do i do from there? How do I become a fasion designer from there? Say if i had the education like GCSE’s or maybe even diploma’s.. how do become one? Do I get an interview from designing company?

Are there any in Devon, UK? Please help me :) 10 points xx

(I do have a passion for art and designing :D … and clothes ;D) THANKYOU SO MUCH! x

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It’s a lot of work! You have to go to fashion school and be on the top of the class to make it big. Really competitive industry. Have to be skilled in drawing and sewing. Not an easy job..
I write a fashion blog about what’s going on in the industry you should check it out.

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