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What are the talents and skills needed?
What is the education needed? (type and how much)
What is the potential income?
what is the possible equipment used?

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1. Creative mind, knowledge on the cut-throat industry
2. Fashion Design Major, at times doesn’t require education.
3. As much as people will buy.
4. Sewing machine, sketch book, fabrics, thread

fashion first ♥

If you want to become a fashion designer, you can’t just wake up one morning, take some classes, and suddenly be one. You need to be driven. You have to love fashion, and want to do nothing more than design. You must have patience, and skill. There is no set amount of education needed, or salary that can be earned. To be one, you should have experiece (fashions classes in high school, design talent competition, etc). You should have a portfolio showcasing everything you have ever designed and made. You should be patient, attentive to details, and a visionary (meaning you should be able to see what your clothing will look like once it is off the paper and on the model). My dream in life is to be a fashion designer, so I have pretty good ideas as what to do. I plan on apprenticing under a designer I admire, then working my way up from there. I intend on spending alot of time in Milan, Paris, and New York to study different fashions and gain inspiration.
Good luck!


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