Should I get an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in fashion design?


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Rita :

I was thinking of becoming a high school math teacher or a fashion designer, but I don’t know which one to choose. I am good at math, and I like fashion and clothes, and thinking of designs for clothes. I already have about 2 years of community college coursework, however, I’m contemplating about whether it is worth my time and money to get a Bachelor’s degree or an Associate’s degree in Fashion Design? I saw some community colleges that offer Associate’s degrees in Fashion Design, but it will take 2 years, and it is to transfer to a four-year institution, which I do not know if I will do because I already took 2 years of college coursework in general education, and I don’t want to go to school for so long. If I get my Associate’s degree, can I still work as a fashion designer, what are the benefits, where can I find work? I live in Chicago, not NYC. How much would a fashion designer make a year if they have their associate’s degree?

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max toth

whatever wows you the most stick with it and continue along all one track unless you no your vering off the let your parents step in ok

Jason Warsaw

In chicago at my school downtown chicago..they have a fashion design progam (I’m not in it)..but I think Bachelor would be good…it’s expensive..but you get a good job. I am going for my Associates though


It’s common knowledge that people with a bachelor’s degree, in general, make more than people with an associate’s. Have you spoken to your academic counselor at the college? Some of the credits from your education degree should be transferable to your fashion degree. Or maybe if you want some kind of quicker way of getting into the fashion field you could look into a fashion certificate degree.
I would talk to one of your college advisors to really get a good idea of what your options are.

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