Would you support a law mandating a gender role specifc education and societal system?


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ar2425 :

what I mean is that boys would be learning how to build and fix things and other tradionally male things and girls would take home economics classes and learning about what a woman should be. career choices would be segregated based on sex. Males working as a fashion designer or any other traditonally female job would be sent to specialed training schools to learn a traditonally male job and females who are in a traditonally male job would also be re-trained to adopt a more feminine job. gays and lesbians would be sent to ex gay ministries in an effort to change their sexual orientation. Bible study classes would be offered to the students and adults at local churches. those who participate will not have to pay taxes. those who would refuse to participate in the gender role education or training would be taxed heavily and be expelled from school or be fired from their job. do you think a law like this will bring harmony and normalcy back to america?
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m c

hey sounds pretty good to me..


Hell no! Look at the Puritans… didn’t work out so well, did it. Do you really want to bring back the witch hunts and paranoia that was rampant in those times? Most of the problems in this world have their roots in religion, historically and currently. If we were to completely remove religion from society, things would become more “normal” than they are now. (Notice I did not say remove laws, just religion.)


Well no cause i mean you have so much to choose from and well all women are not good at home economics and all men ain’t good at fixing stuff so why have to take a class for something you cant or just don’t like to do


And what would single people do? My son washes and irons his clothes and my daughter mows her yard and keeps the oil checked on her car. What would you do if there is no one of the other sex to do a job for you? My husband is on commission, if I didn’t work, sometimes we wouldn’t be able to buy groceries.


Because the fifties was such a great era!


Especially as it was followed by an era of social unrest. A return to such a society would be many giant steps backwards.

Check out the meaning of the word entropy.


I really wouldn’t support this kind of law, simply because I think it’s a good idea for guys to learn how to cook, clean, sew, etc. And it’s good for girls to learn how to fix their cars, make stuff from wood, and play sports. We all need to have equality in our domestic skills. It’s really only fair. I don’t want some fat, lazy, slob of a man to get married to me and not know how to cook a few meals a week, hem his own pants, and pick up after himself. In that same respect, I’d love to know how to change my own spark plugs, change the oil, make a birdhouse, etc. See, equality works!


i dont think that is right…people shood be whateva they wanna be nothing seperated by gender theres to many options on gender changing and most people who are like that are not willing to change ….also who wood be the lawyers and stuff like that there not just a one gender job i think that males and females are equally good at that stuff ….there are to many occupations that wood have to be divided that cood take years and idk it just woodnt work the world wood end everything wood be so boring


Sounds good to me. Bring back the days of parents raising their own children instead of a babysitter and teaching them right from wrong would be great. A woman watching after her children, cleaning the house while the husband is working hard all day to support his children would also be nice instead of John and Mike tying up our court systems trying to get married or adopt children. I’d vote for you.


It would be difficult to bring back the harmony and normality that never really existed.

No, I don’t support gender specific education.

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