Can someone read my details and help me decide what university I should go to?


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ladysaudia88 :

I will be a senior in high school when school starts. I want to become a fashion designer someday. I also want to be in an environment with sororities, clubs, a great historically black marching band, great education and programs that allow you to study abroad. What do you think of: Howard, Florida A&M, Hampton, Clark-Atlanta, Arkansas at Pine Bluff? I live in Texas but would like to go out of state.

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I have a friend that studied at Howard and he loved it. He is now a fashion model. He also spent a semester in France and Italy. He was involved in theatre and dancing while he attended too.


have u heard of parsons school of design in new york city? It’s a famous school and you should look into it. NYC also have one of the hottest scenes for latest fashion trend and so on.


I have visited most of the schools on your list. I graduated from Clark Atlanta University and now I’m going to Florida A&M as a law school student. I would talk to the people in the department you’re interested in. What kinds of internships are available? What is the fashion market like in the city you’re school is located in? If the school you’re interested in puts a lot of time and money into its fashion program, I would go there.

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