Fashion related college degrees, what are they?


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blackgirlrisin :

My daughter will be a senior in HS this fall, and we are beginning to feel the pressure of deciding where to go and what to major in for college. She enjoys fashion and wants to be involved in that industry, but not just as a designer. We’ve checked some of the obvious schools, FIDM and Brooks, but they don’t offer the versatlity she’s looking for. She wants to receive a well rounded education, with an emphasis in fashion somehow. What majors could she consider? Are there other schools that can provide her with what she’s looking for?
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kris k

they r colleges that offer u a course in FASHION & DESIGNING and then they will offer placements in leading companies..


actually, a lot of specialty schools do offer a well rounded education you just have to look for them. also, if she goes to a traditional university, she won’t get the specialized training needed to really compete in the business world. the best thing to do would be to enroll in a school like fidm and go to community college at the same time.

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