blackgirlrisin :

My daughter will be a senior in HS this fall, and we are beginning to feel the pressure of deciding where to go and what to major in for college. She enjoys fashion and wants to be involved in that industry, but not just as a designer. We’ve checked some of the obvious schools, FIDM and Brooks, but they don’t offer the versatlity she’s looking for. She wants to receive a well rounded education, with an emphasis in fashion somehow. What majors could she consider? Are there other schools that can provide her with what she’s looking for?
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ar2425 :

what I mean is that boys would be learning how to build and fix things and other tradionally male things and girls would take home economics classes and learning about what a woman should be. career choices would be segregated based on sex. Males working as a fashion designer or any other traditonally female job would be sent to specialed training schools to learn a traditonally male job and females who are in a traditonally male job would also be re-trained to adopt a more feminine job. gays and lesbians would be sent to ex gay ministries in an effort to change their sexual orientation. Bible study classes would be offered to the students and adults at local churches. those who participate will not have to pay taxes. those who would refuse to participate in the gender role education or training would be taxed heavily and be expelled from school or be fired from their job. do you think a law like this will bring harmony and normalcy back to america?
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Lisa..x :

I would very want to be a fasion Designer for my career. I would like some help to find out about this since as I don’t know really how to become one..

I am taking my GCSE’s next year (choosing four) and we’re choosing them pretty much now. I am thinking of taking GCSE Art, Design and Technology – Textiles, Socilology and Geography. The Art and the textiles are good for my career I want, I think. And I’m in top set for maths (I have a very high level somehow, lol). And our school (tutor) will get angry at us if we don’t take atleast one subject what people are really looking for mostly in jobs like… History, Geography, Languages..

So my strongest out of them is Geography, so i’m taking that :) And in most peoples opinions they think I am very good at art and designing. I think it’s my strongest subject and my art teacher thinks i have potential :) .

Anyway enough of me blabbering on XD. When i finish my education like maybe university… What do i do from there? How do I become a fasion designer from there? Say if i had the education like GCSE’s or maybe even diploma’s.. how do become one? Do I get an interview from designing company?

Are there any in Devon, UK? Please help me :) 10 points xx

(I do have a passion for art and designing :D … and clothes ;D) THANKYOU SO MUCH! x

Princess :

I have decided that now it’s time I get my career goal started. I was never really into education even though I’ve almost always gotten good grades in school. My heart was always with fashion even when I did well in other subjects. Regardless of what family insisted, I’ve always wanted to be a fashion designer. I know that it’s not easy, and takes a lot of time and commitment. But the way I see it, everything takes time and commitment, and fashion is what I chose to make that contribution to. How much does it cost to enroll in fashion designing school, and if anyone has already taken that course, would you recommend it? I want to open my own boutique, hopefully a store @ the mall. Any suggestions out there???
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What are the talents and skills needed?
What is the education needed? (type and how much)
What is the potential income?
what is the possible equipment used?

MercyPinkerz’91 :

i’m so CONFUSE………………………………………………………………………………………………….
i really want to be a fashion designer like Anna Sui, Donna Karann, Oscar de la renta, etc. So, i think i can get a good education about fashion designer in Savannah Art and College Design, GA but i’m not came from the rich family and my family hasn’t enough money to let me get an education there. I try to find a free scholarship but I havn’t TOEFL test, and i have’nt enough money to di TOEFL test. C’mon anyone please help me!!!

You can give me answer on my id: Callm3_Mercypinkerz’
Thanks a lot
God Bless you

Prashant k :

about his education, product he had launched, awards, contacts ,bouquites

**~ShErEeN~** :

i need an interview with a person who has fashion design experience and who knows allot about fashion design!
here are my questions:
when did you become interested in fashion design?
how long how you actually been involved in fashion design?
what advice do you have for people who want fashion design to be a part of their future?
do you think fashion only applies to clothes?
how long do you think fashion has been around?
what fashions do you think teenagers like the most?
how much does a fashion education cost?
what materials are commonly used for fashion designing?
what is your favorite kind of fashion?
if you were a professional fashion designer what would your fashions look like?

p.s. please give me your name

i am accepting any # of people to answer these questions. so please help me out! as i said i need these answers ASAP!

bambi :

Hi guys could do with u’r help please, in a wee bit of an education dilema!! Wot do u think career wise would be beta to become a fashion designer or costume designer. Ive always wanted to bacome a fashion designer since i can remember but i’m kinda thinking for better job oppertunities costume mite b beta?! All views, opinions, advice & all that jazz r welcome thanx so much xx oh & if u’ve had any experience in those fields that would b gr8 2 thanx

ladysaudia88 :

I will be a senior in high school when school starts. I want to become a fashion designer someday. I also want to be in an environment with sororities, clubs, a great historically black marching band, great education and programs that allow you to study abroad. What do you think of: Howard, Florida A&M, Hampton, Clark-Atlanta, Arkansas at Pine Bluff? I live in Texas but would like to go out of state.

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Rita : I was thinking of becoming a high school math teacher or a fashion designer, but I don’t know which one to choose. I am good at math, and I like fashion and clothes, and thinking of designs for clothes. I already have about 2 years of community college coursework, however, I’m [...]

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